Space Heater safety points!

This time of the year a lot of people bring out the old space heaters to save money when heating their homes. With this in mind, I thought I would share a great list of tips I saw the other day.

Space Heater Safety Tips

  • Do not use an extension cord or strip plug with your space heater. If you must use an extension cord, make sure it is a     heavy duty cord marked with a power rating at least as high as that on the label of the heater itself.
  • Place the power cord so that no one steps on or trips over it. Inspect the heater’s cord periodically to look for frayed wire or damaged insulation. Do not use a space heater with a damaged cord.
  • Turn off the heater when you leave the room and unplug the heater when you leave for the day.
  • When buying a heater, look for one that has been tested and labeled by a nationally recognized testing company.
  • Place the heater on a level surface away from areas where someone might bump it and knock it over.
  • Keep electric heaters away from water. Never use them near a sink or in the bathroom.
  • Use space heaters only as a supplementary source of heat. These devices are not intended to replacethe home’s heating system.
  • Check periodically for a secure plug/outlet fit. If the plug becomes very hot, the outlet may need to be replaced by a     qualified technician. This could be the sign of a potential home wiring  issue.
  • Heaters should be placed on a flat, level surface. Do not place heaters on furniture since they may fall and become   damaged or break parts in the heater.
  • Unless the heater is designed for use outdoors or in bathrooms, do not use in damp,wet areas.
  • Keep the heater at least three feet away from bedding, drapes, furniture, and any other flammable or combustible     materials.
  • Keep children and pets away from space heaters.

I hope these tips help keep you and your family, safe this winter season.

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