Pa Mature Driver Course can save you 5% on your auto insurance

Save money on your car insurance premium.  If you are a Pennsylvania driver 55 or older then you can qualify for a 5% savings on your auto insurance premium by taking a state approved Mature Driver Course.

After you complete the course, send your insurance agent a copy of your completion certificate.  This is good for three years.  After 3 years you can take a refresher course so you can continue the discount for another 3 years.

Find a course near you:


  •    AARP logo                     Contact AARP for a class near you.  Call 888-227-7669 or write AARP at AARP-Pennsylvania 30 North 3rd Street, Suite 750 Harrisburg PA 17101


  • Contact Seniors For Safe Driving at 800-559-4880


  • aaa logoContact your local office.  AAA has an  online course available


Contact us when you finish the course.  Your discount will become effective on your next renewal and last 3 years.

Comment here if you took the course.  Also let us know where you took the course.





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