Talk to your Teen Driver about their driving habits

Picking up the keys

All parents face several tough conversations with their children:  teaching them about alcohol and drugs, teaching them about sex, teaching them about death, teaching them about winning and losing.  Many parents also have to discuss divorce, loss of jobs, loss of stature and some, loss of freedom.  I know your plate is already full, but I need to make you aware of one more important conversation to have with your teenager:  The Teenager – Parent Teen Driving Contract that you can download from the Resources page of my Teen Driving website.  Also check out our “Careless Driving Consequences” which provide some talking points when discussing safe driving with your teen driver. Find these on our website at Click the “Have a Teen Driver” icon on the bottom of our home page.

Your first reaction to requiring your teen to sign a contract may be a negative one.  But think about it as a tool that:

  1. can clearly define your driving expectations of your teen
  2. can forewarn your teen of the consequences of making the wrong choices
  3. requires  your teen to promise to drive in a safe manner

Too many teens think driving is a right that comes with age; you need to make them understand that it is a privilege that must be earned and executed responsibly.  Protect your teen from making mistakes that could harm him and others, as well as the entire family.

For more tips for parents of teen drivers go to our website and click the “Have a Teen Driver” icon.  Call us if you need any help finding or printing these items.


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