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Steps For Remodeling Your Home

You are about to begin that home remodeling project you have dreamed about for years.  Starting a remodeling project takes planning and a budget.

How do you get started?  Here are a few tips to help that project go more smoothly:

  • Find a contractor
    • Get a written estimate from a contractor
    • Make sure the contractor has insurance.  Ask the contractor for a certificate of insurance showing that he has General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance
    • Look into carrying a Builder’s Risk Policy if you are doing an addition.  This policy protects the improvements as the work is being done and protects property sitting at your location waiting to be installed from theft.
    • Review this article from Fema: Don’t Just Knock on Wood For Luck: Check Contractors Credentials
    • Check with your township to see what permits are needed.
  • Call your insurance agent before you start the project
    • Increase your coverage to reflect the increase replacement cost of your home. Remember, the majority of homes are underinsured.  Don’t get caught short if you have a fire and need to rebuild our home.
    • If you purchase additional items of personal property discuss insuring them with your agent.
    • Consider Flood Insurance.  Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood.
    • Check with us to see if the remodeling earned you any discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premium:
      • Did you add an alarm?
      • Did you upgrade your plumbing, heating or electrical?
  • When Completed, Do a Home Inventory.