Should you give your teen driver their own car?

teen-driver5Many factors will play into your decision, but you should be aware of a recent study.

 On September 25, 2009 had an article titled “1 in 4 teens with own car has been in a crash.”

 The research was based on a nationally representative survey of more than 5500 teens in grades nine through 11.  More than 2000 teens reported driving on their own where they had their own car or were the main driver of the car they used.  The author found this an alarming statistic.

 Of these 2000 teens, 1 in 4 reported being in an accident versus 1 in 10 of those who did not have their own car.  The author stated that freedom can lead to a sense of entitlement about driving that makes them less cautious.

 What can you do as a parent to protect your teen?  The study found that parents need to be involved with their teens. The study states “Compared with teens whose parents were uninvolved, kids who said their parents set clear rules and monitored their whereabouts without being overly controlling had half as many crashes and much better driving habits.”

 Parents need to be proactive with their teen drivers.  Asking your teen to sign a driving contract helps.  Working on driving skills above the usual drivers training is important.

 Our agency has all these tools in a website designed for the parents of teen drivers.  Check it out at You can print out a teen contract and consequences form to be used with your teen driver.  If you have any questions give our office a call.

 I wish you the best in staying vigilant with your teen driver’s driving habits.

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