Driving is a “Privilege” not a “Right”

teen driver Fall is “Back to School” time.  This means more traffic on the roads especially in the morning as parents take their children to school.  It is also a time when more teen drivers are on the road and we need to be more alert.

 This is a great time to remind your teen drivers that driving is a “Privilege” not a “Right.”  Every state gives us the privilege to drive, and can take it away if we abuse this privilege.  As parents of a young driver, you also have the ability to take away this privilege.

 Just as every city and state has driving laws that your young driver needs to follow, you too should lay down some household laws that your young driver needs to follow or risk loosing their license.

 Simply discussing rules and the consequences of breaking a rule is one thing.  Putting it in writing gives you much more power.  You can download a “Teenager/Parent Driving Contract” and “Careless Driving Consequences” directly from our Teen Driver website at www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer.  Just click the Resources tab at the top when you get to this website.

 Get the new school year off on the right foot by setting up guidelines with your teen drivers.

 We have a monthly email newsletter that is designed to help parents teach their children to be safe drivers.  To receive our newsletter email me at cspencer@spencerinsurance.com and ask me to send you our email newsletter called “Driver Seat”.

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