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Happy Labor Day! Are you looking forward to the first day of school? Send us your pictures!

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Labor Day means it is time to go back to school.  Many of us remember or are experiencing our child’s first day of school.  Excitement, Anxiousness, happiness, sadness are just a few things parents experience not to mention the kids.  I think many times the first day of school is harder on the parents.


This is a picture of my oldest and youngest on one of their first days of school.  Send us your pictures of your child’s first day at school.  Send us the old and the new!  Love to see the older pictures too.  Post them on our Facebook page or email them to us.  We would love to share them in our next newsletter.

Be careful driving as the school zones will be active again.  Also, remind your teen drivers to be careful. Don’t forget we have a website for the parents of teen drivers.

Good luck this school year.  Don’t forget to send us the pictures.



P.S. Spencer insurance will close at 3PM on Friday September 1st and reopen Tuesday September 5th.

Back to School Safety Checklist


It is Back to School Time once again.  As drivers we all need to be more careful when driving as more children will be walking, biking and taking school busses to school.  Be patient and aware of Teen drivers on the road. Give them some space. Prepare your children for their walk or ride to school.

The National Safety Council ( provides some excellent safety tips for you as your children return to school.  If you do not have any school age children pass this onto someone who does.

Walking to School

  • Review your family’s walking safety rules
  • Walk on sidewalks when available. If one is not available then walk facing the traffic
  • Never dart in front of a parked car
  • Before you cross the street look all ways to see if cars are coming
  • Practice walking to school with your child

Riding a Bike to School

  • Make sure your child always wears a helmet
  • Teach your children the rules of the road they need to know to ride their bicycles.
    • Ride on the right side of the road and in single file
    • Come to a complete stop before crossing the street

Riding the bus to school

  • Go to the bus stop with your child and teach them the proper way of getting on and off the bus
  • Make sure your children stand six feet away from the curb

Preventing backpack-related injuries

  • Chose a backpack for your child carefully.
  • Don’t overstuff a backpack; it should weigh no more than 10 to 20% of your child’s body weight.
  • Ask your children to use both straps when wearing their backpack to evenly distribute the weight.


Have a great school year.  For more tips visit our website at



Protection For School Valuables

The days when children just took a pen, ruler and protractor in a pencil case, plus maybe some lunch money, to school are long gone.

These days they carry a small fortune in electronic equipment, wear more expensive clothes and use designer-label sportswear for gym sessions. That means they’re more vulnerable to loss and you’re more likely to be out of pocket when things get lost, damaged or stolen.

So, does your insurance cover you for this risk? And what about equipment that is loaned to them?

The answer is normally “Yes” – your homeowner’s insurance policy usually protects you or a “resident relative” against covered losses to personal property, whether it’s owned or just being used by the insured, inside or outside the home. In most cases, a student is still regarded as a “resident relative” even if they’re away at college, provided your home is where they normally live outside of term time.

However, an important word of warning. If you have a deductible on your policy, you may find that this exceeds the value of the lost or damaged item, so you’ll end up paying for it yourself – though you can obtain separate coverage for college students.

Also, it’s important to check your policy to see which items are covered and whether there are any exceptions, exclusions or limitations. Not all homeowner’s policies are the same.

If you need help, please contact us at 215-885-2200.  Remember, “The True Cost of Insurance”  includes what you pay out of pocket for those items not covered by insurance.

Back to School Bus Safety Tips

Most of you probably have children back in school, or returning to school soon.  We came across some bus safety tips we wanted to share with you. It
might be a good idea to print these out and go over them with your loved ones. For some 25 million students nationwide, the school day begins and ends with
a trip on a school bus. Unfortunately, each year many children are injured and several are killed in school bus incidents.

Rules for getting on and off the school bus:

Getting on the school bus

  • When waiting for the bus, stay away from traffic and avoid roughhousing or other behavior that can lead to carelessness. Do not stray onto streets, alleys or private
  • Line up a safe distance away from the street or road as the school bus approaches.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door opens before stepping onto the roadway.
  • Use the handrail when stepping onto the bus.

Behavior on the bus

  • When on the bus, find a seat and sit down. Loud talking or other noise can distract the bus driver and
    is not allowed.
  • Never put your head, arms or hands out of the window.
  • Keep aisles clear – books or bags are tripping hazards and can block the way in an emergency.
  • Before you reach your stop, get ready to leave by getting your books and belongings together.
  • At your stop, wait for the bus to stop completely before getting up from your seat, then walk to the
    front door and exit, using the handrail.

Getting off the school bus

  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk at least ten feet ahead of the bus along the side of the road until you can turn around and see the driver.
  • Make sure that the driver can see you.
  • Wait for a signal from the driver before beginning to cross.
  • When the driver signals, walk across the road keeping an eye out for sudden traffic changes.
  • Do not cross the center line of the road until the driver has signaled that it is safe for you to begin
  • Stay away from the rear wheels of the bus at all times.

Correct way to cross the street

  • Children should always stop at the curb or the edge of the road and look left, then right, and then left again before crossing.
  • They should continue looking in this manner until they are safely across.
  • If a student’s vision is blocked by a parked car or other obstacle, they should move out to where drivers can see them and they can see other vehicles — then stop, and
    look left-right-and left again.

We hope you find these safety tips useful.  Please pass them along to those you care about.

For more safety tips and tips on how to save money on your insurance go to our website at