Teens “Inherit” Bad Driving Habits from Parents

According to a study conducted by SADD, 60 % of High School Students say their parents have the biggest influence on their driving habits (see http://sadd.org/teenstoday/parentsdriving.htm)

Consider these findings:

  • 62 % say they talk or text on their cell phone while driving
  • 67% say they speed
  • 33 % say they do not wear seat belts
  • 24% think these behavior are safe

What kind of example do you set for your Teen Drivers?  As summer approaches, teen drivers will take to the road more frequently.  Have you established any ground rules with your teen drivers for summer driving?  Have you explained the new PA law that prohibits texting while driving?

Spencer Insurance can help you.  We have a website designed specifically for parents with teen drivers.  Go to our website at www.spencerinsurance.com and click the “Have a Teen Driver?” icon.

This website provides the following:

  • Parent/Teen Driving Contract that outlines consequences for their actions
  • Free Home Study “Teach your Teen to Drive” online course
  • Valuable information to help you determine if you have the proper coverage
  • 101 Safety Tips for Teens

Spencer Insurance is here to help you.  Call us and we can discuss how you can use all these tools to help your teen become a safer driver.

At Spencer Insurance, “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our only Business!”

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