Starting that new home improvement project?

Time to remodel or expand the home?  Have you called your insurance agent who insures your home?

Yes, always contact your agent when you start a project.  There are several reasons to contact your agent:

  • You may need to increase your coverage to reflect the increase in replacement cost of your home.  Remember, the majority of homes are underinsured.  Don’t get caught short if you have a fire and need to rebuild your home.
  • If you purchase additional items of personal property, discuss insuring them  to see if you need additional coverage.
  • Consider Flood Insurance; Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood.
  • Check to see if the remodeling earned you any discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premium:
    • Did you add an alarm?
    • Did you upgrade your plumbing, roof, heating or electrical?

Here are a few additional tips:

  • Make sure you contractor is insured.  Ask for a Certificate of Insurance from your contractor with you listed on the certificate.
  • Ask the builder or contractor if you need a Builders’ Risk policy.  Better yet, call your agent and discuss your need for a Builders’ Risk policy.

For more information and tips from FEMA and Spencer Insurance on how to protect yourself from bad contractors, check out our website at  Don’t find out too late that you did not have the right coverage.  Call your agent as soon as you start planning a project.


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