Thank God for Airbags and Seat Belts!


Yes, that is my beloved Honda Accord. 

About one week ago Tammy and I were traveling through an intersection when the other car pictured appeared in front of us.  The driver of the other car a 17 year old went through a red light.  I had no time to react and I hit him broad side.

I heard the pop of the airbags and felt the crunch.  Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the accidents.  The teen driver, one of three teens in the car were okay and to his credit admitted to the police that they went through the red light.

I can only think what the results of this accident could have been if Tammy and I were not wearing our seat belts or if the airbags had not gone off.  I also later wondered what was going on in the 17 year old’s mind when he blew through the red light.  What distracted him?  Was he texting?  Was he talking to someone in the back seat?

Hopefully the teens in the car learned an expensive lesson.  I don’t know how his parent’s reacted when the saw the car, but wait until they see their next insurance premium.  Who will pay that increase?  

Ever since my son was in an accident when he was 17, I have been trying to figure out a way to help parents keep their teen drivers safe.  Our website is one way we assist parents to teach their children safe driving habits.

Show your children these pictures.  Discuss driver distraction with them now.  Share with them your expectations of how they should drive and the consequences if they don’t follow your rules or have an accident.

I was disappointed that the PA legislature for the third time could not pass a ban on hand held cell phone use.  I hope all parents lead by example with the proper use of cell phones.  

Lastly, make sure you buckle up and that you teach your teens to do the same.  Just like it did for Tammy and I, wearing seat belts could save you from serious injury.

I wish you the best in teaching your teen drivers to drive safely.  You may not think they are listening but most likely they do hear what you say.




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