Why you don’t want to consider a seperate policy for your teen!

During these challenging times, many families are having to make tough choices about how they allocate their money, especially families with teen drivers.  So, if your teen will soon be getting his driver’s license, you may be considering ways to reduce the high cost of insurance. 
Sometimes parents with good driving records believe they can save money by buying a separate policy for just their teen rather than adding him to the family policy. That way, they figure he will be the only one whose rates are high and if he has an accident, it won’t cause their rates to skyrocket as well. 
While that may be true, if your teen causes an accident, your insurance rates are probably going to be the least of your financial worries.  Your primary financial concern is going to be whether you bought sufficient insurance to cover the consequences of the accident, particularly if others are involved. 
Usually, the only insurance companies that will insure a teen on their own policy are high risk companies. You can rarely buy sufficient coverage from a high risk provider.  The key to saving money is combining all your insurance policies with the same agent.  Plus the agent who knows how many assets you have that you could lose in an accident is the best one to counsel you on how much coverage you need. 
Now that schools are letting out for the summer take some time and go out and practice driving with your teen drivers.  Call us today for a Free copy of our “Safe Teen Driver Course” which will provide you with several lessons to go over with your teen drivers.
Have a great summer!

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