If you do these things you may not have liability coverage. . .

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Halloween is coming but this may be scarier.  You may be doing things that would be excluded on your car or home insurance.  Let me explain:

  • Do you use your car as a driver for a ride sharing company like Uber of Lyft? If so, as soon as you turn on the app to tell them you are available you have no coverage under your car insurance policy. Many believe that Uber or Lyft will cover you but our understanding is that you have very limited coverage between the time you turn on your app to tell them you are available and the time when you actually pick up a passenger.  We do have one company that will provide an endorsement to cover this gap so call us and let us know!
  • Does anyone in your house use a car to deliver pizza or deliver food for a company like grubhub or UberEATS? Does anyone deliver goods for a fee?  Many of our companies have an exclusion for your liability coverage that reads like this: “We do not provide Liability Coverage for any insured for that insured’s liability arising out of the ownership or operations of a vehicle while it is being used, or during the period of time it is available for hire, as a public or livery conveyance. This exclusion applies whether or not there is a passenger occupying the vehicle; or property being transported for a fee in or upon the vehicle.”  This means Uber, grubhub or pizza delivery.  About half the companies we represent have a similar exclusion so call us and let us know!
  • Do you use your vehicle to snow plow for a fee? Some of our companies exclude liability coverage when you use a plow. Let us know so we can get you the proper coverage.
  • Do you have a dog? Does the dog have a previous bite history?  If so, you may not have liability coverage for the next dog bite.  Contact us today to find out if your company has this exclusion.

Don’t be caught without liability coverage.  Contact us today to discuss your coverage before you have a claim. 

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