Tools for the Parents of Teen Drivers

Picking up the keys

Teen Driver Education is so important.  However information on teaching teen driver safety is hard to find.

Parents are required to complete at least 65 hours of behind-the-wheel skill-building, including no less than ten hours of nighttime driving and five hours of bad weather driving, before taking your road test.  Click here for “A Guide to Obtaining a Pennsylvania Junior Learner’s Permit and Junior Driver’s License.”

 Let Spencer Insurance Agency help you with the content for teaching your teen to drive. Spencer Insurance has a Free “Safe Teen Driver Guide” that provides 16 hour long lessons.  Each lesson provides a topic and suggestions for a discussion with your teen driver.  Each lesson is designed to cover one hour of the 65 hours needed.

Spencer Insurance also provides parents of teen drivers the opportunity to get a monthly email newsletter with tips devoted to teen driver education and safety.

If you would like to receive our “Safe Teen Driver Guide” or our monthly email newsletter email us as or call us at 215-885-2200.


Comment on this blog and let us know how useful you find these tools.  Let us know what tools you use to teach teen driver safety.

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