What Happens to you or your property in case of an emergency?

Imagine this. Disaster strikes – and we don’t know where to find you. As an element of our “Circle of Safety Client Protection System”, we created the “Emergency Contact Program.”

I have developed a sheet of paper called the Disaster Preventer, which asks for your most recent contact information, (just to make sure we have the latest numbers and email addresses), and up to three Emergency Contacts.  We will hold your contact’s names in confidence and will not solicit them as clients.  Please take a moment and complete this form and return it to our office.  This way if anything happens and we need to contact you we will be able to find you.

Why would we need it?

  • Your home is badly damaged due to a fire while you are on vacation
  • Your business is broken into late one Friday evening and the police are trying to find you
  • You are hurt in an auto accident and the police find your insurance card with our information and call us.

If you have not already filed your Emergency Contact information with our office I urge you to do it NOW!  Also, make sure your friends and family send
their agent their Emergency Contact information. Send us your “Disaster Preventer” today!

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