Did you get engaged or married on Valentine’s Day. . .

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Did you get married or engaged on Valentine’ Day.  Do you know someone who did?  Send them this information.

We congratulate all those who were married or got engaged on Valentine’s Day.

Spencer Insurance Agency has some tips for you as you plan your wedding or start your life as a married couple. Did you know you can insure that wedding you are planning? A wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. It is also a large expense. Protect your investment in this wonderful day. Check out our Wedding Insurance website.

You also need to take action on a number of items once you are engaged or married. Check out our tips on what you need to do now. Planning a honeymoon? Did you purchase Travel Insurance? Do you need to change your name? Update your social security card or drivers’ license? Did you review your life insurance? Change your beneficiaries? Read Rachel’s story to see why you should not wait to purchase your life insurance. As you plan your wedding check out our tips so you plan for these items also.

All of us at Spencer Insurance wish you the very best!

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